Eco Consulting Services

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The waste management industry is undergoing constant change and must meet increasingly complex requirements. A feasible and sustainable SWM system lies in combining state-of-the-art technologies and expertise with locally available resources, experience and suitability. We deliver robust, ecological and economical solutions to government, private sector clients and development agencies.




  • Preparation of solid waste management concepts, feasibility studies, economic analysis, waste reduction and segregation at source.
  • Waste collection systems – including bins, boxes, transfer stations, storage systems and transport vehicles.
  • Evaluation of the recycling markets and market options for secondary raw materials and products derived from waste of the recycling market;
  • Evaluation of private sector and informal sector involvement opportunities;
  • Design and setting up of MSW waste treatment plants, (mechanical-biological pre-treatment, composting, fermentation, sorting, handling, materials recycling facilities (MRF’s).
  • Organics treatment – either aerobically (composting) or anaerobically (Anaerobic Digestion producing biogas to Bio CNG)
  • Waste energy recovery – including all forms of residual waste treatment such as energy from waste (EfW) technologies
  • Landfill & Soil Rehabilitation- Soil health analysis, soil remediation and Landscape rehabilitation.


Our team is happy to advise and create a custom-made package according to your specific needs.